iOS Go-Box


How to setup Go-Box

  1. Open pelican and remove iPad Pro and first layer of foam.

  2. Run TP-Link antenna cable through hole in side of pelican and plug into the empty connector on the Teradek Link Router and velcro the antenna wherever is most convenient, pointing towards the area of coverage.

  3. Run the provided ethernet cable through the hole and connect to the empty port on the back of the router and the other end can be connected to the wifi hotspot now. This can be placed anywhere, but being outside the case allows for faster internet.

  4. Connect your SDI to the barrel on the SDI inside the case

  5. Connect power, you should see lights turning on

  6. Hold down button on top of wifi hotspot to power on

  7. Open the iPad pro, select “VUER” and you should see your video signal pop up within a few minutes. If not, just close the app out completely and reopen.

How to connect to the network

  1. Search for “Cameradept” or “Link605_2”

  2. Enter “BROADCAST605” as the password

  3. You’re connected! (605_2 is longer range, where as Cameradept will be faster if you are close to source)

How to connect your own device to VUER

  1. Download “VUER” from the app store (it will be colored and have broadcast safe marks on it)

  2. Connect to the network if you have not already

  3. Open the app, and it will walk you through step by step how to add camera(s)

  4. If you need further help, refer to the PDF with screenshots included, at the bottom of the page

FAQ and potential issues

I’m not seeing any video: On the serv pro inside the pelican, does it read that it is receiving a signal? If not, it’s before that in the chain. Another possible solution is closing out the app and reopening it. It will take a bit of time sometimes if signal dropped out from camera and came back. If all else fails, unplug power and plug it back in. You may need to reset the hotspot as well if you do this.

We went to playback on camera and don’t see signal anymore: Some cameras spit out weird frame rate changes while flipping from record to playback and it takes the Teradek a moment to catch up. If it’s not resolved in under 2 minutes, reset power

The network is working, but no wifi: Sometimes if power is removed from the router and the hotspot stays on, it will mess with the IP Address. Simple solution though- Just turn the wifi hotspot off by holding down power and then turn it back on and it will auto adjust itself.

As always, if you need anything feel free to call or shoot me a text at 262-225-0051 and I would be glad to help.