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How to connect iOS/Android go-box.

  1. Connect TP-link Antenna to open slot on router inside the pelican under the foam

  2. Connect ethernet to the open slot on back of router and then run the cable out the side and plug into wifi hotspot

  3. Connect SDI to barrel connector inside pelican

  4. Connect power with provided stinger (or whatever works best)

  5. At this point everything will turn on automatically and you can hold the top button on the wifi hotspot to turn on

  6. Within 2-4 minutes, you should be able to open the vuer app on the provided ipad pro and see your signal.

How to join the network.

  1. Search for “Cameradept” or “link605_2”

  2. Password for both is “BROADCAST605”

How to use VUER on your own device.

  1. Go to the app store and download “vuer” which is typically the second option

  2. Connect to one of the networks if you have not already

  3. Open Vuer App. It will walk you through step by step from here.

  4. If you are having issues, refer to the PDF below for guided instructions with screen captures.

FAQ or possible issues.

Network working, but no internet: Try to power down the wifi hotspot, if this doesn’t work, flip the switch off on the back of the router.

Not receiving video, but see the serv pro: Look at the front of the screen on the serv pro- does it register a video input? if not, it’s before that in the chain

We just moved locations, and it’s not coming up: I would just unplug and plug the whole system back in to give it a moment to adjust for the video signal going in and out.

We did playback on camera, and now it won’t come up: Reset the system as some cameras spit out some random frame rate stuff while switching between record and playback that messes with the teradek unit. Also try to just close out the app and open it back up

Video isn’t coming up after a recent signal change or camera reset: I would give it a minute and close out the app and re-open the app in a minute